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  • PD: 2 men shot in parking lot

  • Game of chance leads to arrest

  • Fort Worth hospital gave wrong breast milk to NICU baby


  • Aerial views of the North Texas tornado damage

  • Dec. 28 snow in North Texas

  • Dallas Veterans Day Parade

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Public File

Inside the twisted debris of the crew cabin were the bodies of the astronauts, which after weeks of immersion in salt water and exposure to scavenging marine life were in a "semi-liquefied state that bore little resemblance to anything living", although according to John Devlin, the skipper of the USS Preserver , they "were not as badly mangled as you'd see in some aircraft accidents". Lt. Cmdr James Simpson of the Coast Guard reported finding a helmet with ears and a scalp in it. Best Wholesale Leather Oxford Shoes Spring/summer Maison Martin Margiela Buy Cheap Sale Clearance Online Amazon Cheap Best ZRNiF5ghw
Judith Resnik was the first to be removed followed by Christa McAuliffe, with more remains retrieved over several hours. Due to the hazardous nature of the recovery operation (the cabin was filled with large pieces of protruding jagged metal), the Navy divers protested that they would not go on with the work unless the cabin was hauled onto the ship's deck.

During the recovery of the remains of the crew, Gregory Jarvis' body floated out of the shattered crew compartment and was lost to the diving team. A day later, it was seen floating on the ocean's surface. It sank as a team prepared to pull it from the water. Determined to not end the recovery operations without retrieving Jarvis, astronaut Montacute Hall Mens Laceup Flats Clarks With Paypal Cheap Online MTwlDk10G
rented a fishing boat at his own expense and went searching for the body. On April 15, near the end of the salvage operations, the Navy divers found Jarvis. His body had settled to the sea floor, 101.2 feet (30.8m) below the surface, some 0.7-nautical-mile (1.3km) from the final resting place of the crew compartment. The body was recovered and brought to the surface before being processed with the other crew members and then prepared for release to Jarvis' family. Cinq Discount Largest Supplier Iqg69k

Navy pathologists performed autopsies on the crew members, but due to the poor condition of the bodies, the exact cause of death could not be determined for any of them. The crew transfer took place on April 29, 1986, three months and one day after the accident. Seven hearses carried the crew's remains from the Life Sciences Facility on Cape Canaveral to a waiting Eloise 100 suede pumps Christian Louboutin Wholesale Quality Cheap Pick A Best Free Shipping Inexpensive Outlet Marketable wTUOd4Z8
aircraft. Their caskets were each draped with an American flag and carried past an honor guard and followed by an astronaut escort. The astronaut escorts for the Challenger crew were: Dan Brandenstein, Jim Buckley, Norm Thagard, Charles Bolden, Tammy Jernigan, Dick Richards, and Loren Shriver. Once the crew's remains were aboard the jet, they were flown to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to be processed and then released to their relatives.

It had been suggested early in the investigation that the accident was caused by inadvertent detonation of the Range Safety destruct charges on the external tank, but the charges were recovered mostly intact and a quick overview of telemetry data immediately ruled out that theory.

The three shuttle main engines were found largely intact and still attached to the thrust assembly despite extensive damage from impact with the ocean, marine life, and immersion in salt water. They had considerable heat damage due to a LOX-rich shutdown caused by the drop in hydrogen fuel pressure as the external tank began to fail. The memory units from Engines 1 and 2 were recovered, cleaned, and their contents analyzed, which confirmed normal engine operation until LH2 starvation began starting at T+72 seconds. Loss of fuel pressure and rising combustion chamber temperatures caused the computers to shut off the engines. Since there was no evidence of abnormal SSME behavior until 72 seconds (only one second or so before the breakup of Challenger  ), the engines were ruled out as a contributing factor in the accident.

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Want More?

There’s still a chance to make up for your not-so-intelligent first name.

By Ina Yang May 5, 2014

Medieval Alphabets and Initials

Flickr/ Cesar Ojeda

Nobody really knows when middle names came about—the aristocrats, of course, had multiple names first. The choice of the name could be a woman’s maiden name turned into her middle name after marriage, or a perhaps middle name added to a family name to distinguish a person from similarly monikered relatives (I knew a James Charles James the Fourth).

We often only include our first and last names when asked, but a new paper suggests that if you want to seem more intelligent, you should add a middle initial, at least when identifying yourself in writing. Psychologists Wijnand A. P. van Tilburg and Eric R. Igou (ahem) published a paper in the that argued, “the display of middle initials increases positive evaluations of people's intellectual capacities and achievements.”

The research investigates how middle initials in names affect the perception of a person by others. The team performed seven experiments to see how the inclusion of middle initials affects a name's perceived social status.

In one study, researchers at the University of Limerick presented 48 university students (12 men and 36 women) with four organizations associated with intellectual performance (e.g., the International Research Council) and four organizations not associated with intellect (e.g., the Karaoke Club). Students indicated whether they expected a person named "David F. P. R. Mitchell" to use his middle initials in these organizations or not; they also rated, on a scale from one to seven, the perceived intelligence of each group's members. Overall, the students were more likely to expect middle initials to be displayed by members of the organizations linked with intelligence.

In another study, participants read a piece of writing by an author whose name was displayed with varying numbers of middle initials (from zero to four). They rated the writing more positively when the author's name included at least one middle initial.

The researchers concluded that a Jane F. P. R. Smith would be "expected to have a higher intellectual capacity and performance, be more admired, respected, and earn more" than your average Jane Smith, as perceived by others.

Now might be a good time to update your Twitter handle. If you don’t have a middle name, it’s not too late to give yourself one, like journalist Sale Online Store Black Multi Woven Flat Mules Multi Kaltur Hot Sale Sale Online Cheap Price Store nAFW87
did for herself.

by Taboola by Taboola
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